Steps society can take to help, support, and encourage the disabled

  • Steps society can take to help, support, and encourage the disabled

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  • Mariah

    June 7, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    These are steps that I came up with for my YT video called Don’t hate the disabled.

    I believe that there are steps that the society can take when it comes to supporting, understanding, and even loving the disabled.

    Step 1: Treat the disabled as human beings.

    Step 2: Recognize that every disabled person is different and they may require different accommodations.

    Step 3: Provide the right accommodations to each disabled person.

    Step 4: Learning more about disabilities so you can support the disabled better.

    Step 5: Just be willing to listen to the disabled without passing judgment or trying to censor their words.

    Step 6: Stand up for the disabled when you see them being attacked, abused or mistreated which can be done physically, emotionally, verbally, and mentally.

    Step 7: Just be kind to the disabled because having a disability already has its own set of problems. We don’t need problems from society as well.

    Step 8: Be willing to show love to the disabled because we need and deserve it.

  • Erin

    June 7, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    Love all of this. Thank you for starting this important discussion.I agree with ALL of these but for me two that are especially important are #2 and #6. I used to have a teacher who said that “fair means everyone gets what they need.” This was super helpful to me when I was starting out as a teacher of people with special needs, because it helped me explain accommodations to people who said things like, “but how is it fair that one student gets more time to take the quiz?” Fair means everyone’s needs are met, and everyone has different needs.

    I also think that past few weeks, the widespread demonstrations over George Floyd’s death have reminded me how important it is to always try not to be a bystander, but to advocate for others who are in jeopardy (whether that be because of their race, class, gender, ability, or anything else). So that’s why I think #6 is so important. I think one reason why people often don’t ask the disabled if they need help is that they fear doing it in “the wrong way.” One conversation we could have here might be: what are the best ways to be an ally to people with disabilities (whether you have one yourself or are simply an ally)?

    • Mariah

      June 7, 2020 at 5:53 pm

      I am glad that you love this but I just hope that this can help bring about change in the disabled community. As a member of the disabled community, I feel like society either dismisses us or they are just only bystanders which it is not helpful at all. I don’t know how to bring about change for the disabled community and I really want to. I also want to bring about the change for the black community as well. I also did a YT video called Black Injustice and what I think should be done. You can watch both of these videos, one of them, or none of them. That is your choice.

      If you want to the links to the videos, please let me know.

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